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Editor’s Note-January, 2013


What would the new year be without Champagne and Chanel?

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes a new adventure-an opportunity to pursue one of my dreams!  For quite sometime I have yearned to create a blog.  I have always wanted a place to share my creativity, to be a resource for others, and to bask in the little luxuries I enjoy most in life-beauty being one of them!  Unfortunately, the pressure I put on myself of wanting to start out perfect paralyzed me for many years, and instead of trying, because I  feared failure, I did not try at all.  So, the only promise I have made to myself is to try this, and not give up!  I will welcome any mistakes I make along the way and embrace them as learning experiences.

I cannot wait to share the things I love, hate, or feel indifferent about.  I plan to cover everything beauty-related and some extra goodies along the way.  I am eager to strengthen my skills as a writer, to step out of my comfort zone, and to connect with readers across the world.  For now, I will take this new adventure one post at a time.

As far as beauty resolutions: again, I’d like to step out of my comfort zone and wear more color.  I tend to play it safe with my makeup, even though I can pull off just about any color quite well.  It’s all about feeling confident in what you are wearing.

I will welcome all feedback, as my first loyalty is to you, the reader!  Let me know what you want to see.

Cheers to a new year of discovery, laughter, loving life, and hunting down that new, limited edition beauty product that has already sold-out online!  😉

Happy 2013!


P.S. – So tell me, What new adventure are you going to embark upon this year?  What are you most excited about doing, and what are your fears?

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