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Beautiful on a Budget: Drugstore Haul Volume #001


Revlon and Wet ‘n’ Wild

Last week, Rite Aid had great sales on many cosmetic items, but the best sales came from Revlon and Wet ‘n’ Wild-40% off everything!  Since I had several coupons just waiting to be combined with a store deal, I could not pass up purchasing products to test and review.

The retail value for the ten items I purchased (sales tax excluded) totaled: $74.20

However, with the sales and coupons, I only shelled out (again, sales tax excluded): $32.48

Let me break everything down for you…


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Editor’s Note – September, 2013


Image Source

As you can see, I pretty much took the summer off from blogging.  This was an unintended occurrence, but, in hindsight, was necessary in order to attend to personal matters and experience some growth.  I took part of the time to really learn more about the business of blogging, enhance my photography and editing skills, and explored being more of a makeup artist.  I started reading more and am focusing on my writing skills.  The bottom line is: I love the beauty industry and sharing my findings with others.  For years I have been struggling to find my career niche, but I have come to realize this industry is where I want to be.  So, I will remember to take it one post at a time, to keep calm, and blog on!



P.S. – I just love the above image.  I was inspired by my BFF-a writer-who has a similar image as part of her email signature that states, “Keep calm and write on.”

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