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Overview: OPI San Francisco Collection Mini Set

opi_sanfrancisco_004OPI San Francisco Collection Mini Set

Below are links to the individual reviews I did for this set.  Overall, I love the colors, and the formulas are on par with polishes from OPI’s permanent range.  The biggest drawback to this set is the small brushes.  If you have a small or narrow nail bed, this will not be much of a problem.  I found that the key to working with the smaller brush is to allow the bristles to flare out as much as possible, and applying each shade in thin coats.  This might increase the time you spend applying these colors, but will result in a smoother, less streaky finish.

If I would have reviewed the full-sized versions of these nail polishes, I believe they all would have received higher ratings.  

Personally, I will not be purchasing anymore mini sets of nail polish.  It is too much of a hassle for me to work with a smaller brush.

I hope you enjoy these reviews!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane Review, Photos, & Swatches


OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane


OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane (Mini set: $12.95 USD for 0.5 oz./15 ml.; Full size: $9 USD for 0.5 oz./15 ml.) is described as a “rich burgundy.”  It is a beautiful, deep, creamy, wine color that pops against my pale skin.  This is a perfect vampy varnish for fall.

Unfortunately, I had a really hard time applying this color.  The small brush made it impossible to get an even layer on the first try.  The texture was a bit on the thin side and you can see from the swatch photos that this did not apply as nicely as it should have.  It took three coats (two thin and one thick) and a glossy top coat to achieve a smooth, opaque finish.  If you have a relatively narrow nail bed, working with a small brush might not be bothersome. However, if you have a bit of a wide nail bed and longer nails, like I do, then you are better off purchasing the full-sized version.  In my opinion, it is not worth trying to fuss with a small brush.

It is interesting to note, the first time I tested this polish I used Zoya Anchor and Zoya Armor for the base and top coats.  The next day I experienced major chipping, and by the third day the polish peeled right off my left pinky.  I retested it using OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and Zoya Armor for the top coat.  This resulted in a much longer wear-time, and after seven days there were signs of tip wear, but no major chipping, only minor chipping on a couple of nails.  I have used Zoya Anchor with several OPI polishes and have never had any problems with chipping or peeling, so I am not sure why this was not compatible with In the Cable Car-Pool Lane.

Important Note: The grade for this nail polish is based on the mini size, not the full-sized version.  I suspect the full-sized version would yield a smoother application and finish, and a higher rating, due to the larger brush size.  



The Final LAB Report for OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane


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