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Chanel Blond Clair (#10) Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches


Chanel Blond Clair (#10) Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil

Sculpting Brows Made Easy!

To be honest, I think my brows are a pain!  They are super light, pretty much white (see photo below), and the hair is thick (which I do appreciate, but is difficult to color).  In an attempt to avoid having them professionally tinted (which I know I will eventually try), I am on the prowl to find the perfect products to define, sculpt, and color my brows.  Several months ago I came across Chanel Blond Clair (#10) Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil ($29 USD for 0.03 oz./1 g.), which the brand describes as “the ideal way to groom your eyebrows. The soft, smoothly textured pencil applies easily, shapes and shades perfectly, and stays put for long-wearing, natural definition.”  Blond Clair is a medium taupe that leans a little warm, almost tawny.  It is the perfect brow color for those with blonde, strawberry blonde, and certain shades of red hair.  

Chanel’s brow pencils come with a sharpener and a spoolie at the opposite end of the pencil-very convenient!

The pencil is soft enough to glide across the skin, but not so soft that it is difficult to sharpen, or you have to worry the tip will break off.  It gives great pigmentation with one pass and is smudge and water resistant.  It applied fairly evenly on my brows-I think what made it difficult in some spots is the thickness of my brow hair.  The texture of this pencil makes it easy for the product to cling to the hair.  It is truly long-wearing (held on long past 8 hours) and I only noticed slight fading on some of my brow hairs.  It stays put really well on the skin and is ideal for filling in sparse areas.

Because this is a pencil, and not a product you would use an angled brush with (say a shadow or a gel), you will get more of a natural finish instead of a clearly defined brow.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product.  On days when I do not feel like fussing too much with my brows I tend to reach for this because it is so easy to use.  Generally though, I like to use this to help shape my brows and then top it off with a brow gel to groom and more thoroughly color my hair.



The Final LAB Report for Chanel Blond Clair (#10) Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil


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