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Paula’s Choice RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Antioxidants Review, & Photos


Paula’s Choice RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Antioxidants

Not bad, but not the BEST!

Paula’s Choice RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Antioxidants ($27 USD for 2 oz./60 ml.) is described as a moisturizer for combination, dry, or very dry skin.  This product is “effective for anti-aging, brown spots, eczema, extra sensitive skin, redness, rosacea, and wrinkles.  It provides gentle, mineral-based, broad-spectrum sun protection, and proven antioxidants boost skin’s environmental defenses.  The lightweight, yet emollient, cream soothes, brightens, and is designed to work beautifully under makeup.  It is clinically proven non-irritating, 100% fragrance free, with no added dyes, and is not tested on animals.”

Currently, I have combination skin that becomes oily during spring/summer and dry during fall/winter.  This moisturizer is best suited for those with dry to very dry skin.  It is very emollient and conditions the skin well, so those with oily or combination skin will find it too heavy for daily use.

The conditioners in this product leave a noticeable sheen on the skin that reads dewy on dry skin and slightly greasy on combination/oily skin.  Despite the amount of emollients, this rich moisturizer does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin.  After application, I did not feel the need to immediately wash my hands to rid them of any residue.  It easily glides across the face, but can leave a white cast on the skin if not thoroughly rubbed in.

The silicones in this moisturizer make it a good foundation primer.  While using this product my foundation applied smoothly and did not break down throughout the course of the day.

This moisturizer’s main drawback is the sole Active Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide.  Titanium Dioxide is very effective at screening UVA 2 and UVB rays, but it does not protect against UVA 1 rays.  You might remember from my post on Sun Care 101 that UVA 1 rays penetrate the epidermis more deeply than UVA 2 rays.  Using Zinc Oxide as a single Active Ingredient, or even combining it with Titanium Dioxide, is highly recommended for the best protection.

Overall, this is not a bad product.  I have seen much worse at higher price points.  Does this product meet all of its anti-aging claims? In a sense, yes.  Can it be improved to more effectively prevent signs of aging?  Yes!  The inclusion of Zinc Oxide as an Active Ingredient, a little less concentration of emollients, and a little higher concentration of antioxidants would make this a stellar product.  For now, there are better products on the market, even from Paula’s Choice!



The Final LAB Report for

Paula’s Choice RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25 and Antioxidants


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UPDATED! MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 Review, Photos

mac_prepand primefaceprotect_spf50_2ndreview_001

MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50

Not the Primer it Once Was!

It is almost heart-breaking for me to have to update this review.  About a week, or so, ago I repurchased my favorite foundation primer, noticing some labeling changes on the packaging.  I expected there would be changes to the labeling to comply with new FDA regulations regarding products with sunscreen.  It was not until yesterday that I noticed the formula has been drastically altered.  What was once a Holy Grail product for me, is now a good moisturizer with SPF 50.

MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 ($30 USD for 1 oz./30 ml.) is supposed to be  “a skin-protecting cream with SPF 50. Applies under makeup to prime the skin for the sun. Featherweight, fast-absorbing, oil-free, invisible. Will not affect the look, texture or long-wear integrity of your makeup. Specially formulated with oil-absorbing powder, helps prevent oil breakthrough. Provides high-level broad spectrum sun protection. Worn daily helps guard the skin against discolouration, premature aging, dryness and other effects of sun exposure. Suitable for all skins.”

What really hurts the rating of this product is the brand’s claims.  It no longer contains the ingredients that curb oil breakthrough, prolonging the longevity of your foundation.  This cream is not oil free, no longer has Zinc Oxide (a beneficial ingredient for those with sensitive skin and/or prone to breakouts.), and will not leave your skin with a matte finish.  Instead, this leaves a slick (but not really greasy) look.  I would not recommend this product for individuals who have very oily skin.

I re-tested this product with a foundation that dries down to a matte finish, but my skin did not look as matte as it did with the previous  Prep + Prime Face Protect formula.  After four hours, my nose became slightly oily, and was noticeably oily after 6.5 hours.  Also, my foundation did not apply as smoothly as it once had, and when I blotted my nose and chin, a good amount of product transferred to the tissue.  Again, I did not experience these problems with the previous formula.  With the exception of the areas where I blotted, at the end of the day, my foundation was still intact and looked nice.

Luckily, the addition of active ingredients such as Avobenzone (and others) gives your skin broad-spectrum protection (protection against UVB and UVA rays), which does ebb against signs of aging, discoloration, and dryness.  This also contains a fair amount of antioxidants, which also prevent signs of aging.  Lastly, it is still a lightweight formula that does absorb quickly.  MAC does receive points for those claims, and for their anti-aging and sun protection declarations.

Personally, I’ll save this product for days when my skin is feeling dry.  With the warmer months quickly approaching, and my skin starting to become oilier, I will be on a the prowl for a mattifying foundation primer.

This is a prime example of false advertising, something MANY cosmetic companies are guilty of (particularly with skin care products).  MAC either needs to change their inflated description of this product, or re-market this as a sun-protective moisturizer for normal, dry, or very dry skin.  If the company did so, it would be rated much higher.

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flr_mac_prepandprimeface protect_spf50_2ndreview

The Final LAB Report for MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50


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