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Bare Minerals The Next Big Thing READY Eyeshadow 4.0 Review, Photos, Swatches


Bare Minerals The Next Big Thing READY Eyeshadow 4.0

Not a One-Hit Wonder! 

Whenever I think of Bare Minerals, I cannot help but remember the info-mercials with the brand’s CEO, Leslie Blodgett, famously covering her beauty mark with a few swipes of their mineral concealer.  Member those?  Yeah, you member!  I had never fallen in love with brand because I do not care for loose products (too messy).  However, when they released their READY (pressed shadows, blushes, etc.) line of products a couple of years ago, my interest was suddenly piqued.

READY Eyeshadows are supposed to provide “exceptionally vivid, long-wearing color in an ultra smooth, silky texture for effortless application and seamless blendability.”  Bare Minerals The Next Big Thing ($30 USD for 0.17 oz./5 g.) is a limited edition quad from the spring Remix collection that contains four complementary, warm-toned eyeshadows.

RISING STAR is described as a “sunlit gold.”  It is a frosted, light, yellow gold with light gold sparkle and multi-colored micro shimmer.  It has a really soft texture and nice pigmentation, but due to the amount of sparkle, there is a translucency to it (though, I would not consider it a sheer color.).  I did not experience any fallout when I applied the color to my lids, but I did see a couple of flecks of sparkle on my cheek several hours later.

SMASH HIT is described as a “vibrant peach,” but it is more of a bright, orangy coral with a matte finish.  The texture feels silky smooth, but it was slightly powdery and did not yield the pigmentation I was hoping for.  Also, it faded incredibly quickly on me (even when worn over an eyeshadow base.).  This was only dud out of the four – not the “smash hit” I wanted it to be.

HOOPLA is described as a “glowing copper.”  It is a highly metallic, golden brown with subtle copper undertones.  This had excellent pigmentation, with a dense, buttery  texture and lasted seven hours before it began to crease (no base).

ENSEMBLE is described as a “smoked-out plum” and that is exactly what it is.  This had much better color payoff than SMASH HIT, but was a little more powdery.  I did experience a little fallout during application, but none after.  It wore well over eight hours with just minor fading (no base).  It blends well, but you do lose some of the pigmentation along the way, which means layering if you are wanting dark, dense color.

The shades in this palette are not particularly unique (I have a Dior palette from last spring/summer that is very similar), but they are really nice colors to wear for the upcoming seasons.  As stated above, the only dud was SMASH HIT (which was the one color I wanted to be perfect); all the rest performed really well.

I really like the limited edition, aqua packaging of this collection, however, the glossiness means it holds fingerprints.

If I was to rate this when worn over an eyeshadow base, it would have received at least an A- in grade.  I have oily eyelids, so I need a base to prevent creasing and fading, but I rate products without a base because it gives you a better sense of how the product performs on its own.



The Final LAB Report for Bare Minerals The Next Big Thing READY Eyeshadow 4.0


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