Beautiful on a Budget: Drugstore Haul Volume #001


Revlon and Wet ‘n’ Wild

Last week, Rite Aid had great sales on many cosmetic items, but the best sales came from Revlon and Wet ‘n’ Wild-40% off everything!  Since I had several coupons just waiting to be combined with a store deal, I could not pass up purchasing products to test and review.

The retail value for the ten items I purchased (sales tax excluded) totaled: $74.20

However, with the sales and coupons, I only shelled out (again, sales tax excluded): $32.48

Let me break everything down for you…


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As you can see from the table, the retail cost of the ten products is $74.20.  Fortunately, all of these items were 40% off, which brought their cost down to $44.48.  I had $12.00 in manufacturer coupons* I had been saving to use on a sale.  This brought my out-of-pocket cost down to $32.48.  Combining the coupons with the store sale saved me $41.72.  My average savings rate for this trip was 58.13%!

I understand the frustration of not being able to swatch or test a product before purchasing it at the drugstore; standing there saying, “I wonder how this will look on me?”  However, regardless of my final opinion of the product, at least I know I only paid a fraction of the retail price.

Please feel free to share the deals you took advantage of this week!

 *My family and I love using coupons on items we regularly use, so every Sunday we receive four newspapers with four sets of coupons!  It may sound excessive, but it makes sense for a family of four, and we have saved hundreds of dollars when combining coupons with store sales.


About Beautiful on a Budget:

Many, if not all of us, strive to save money, and shopping for beauty items should not be an exception.  As I try more and more products from drugstore brands (and get a little older and wiser), I realize it is not always necessary to spend oodles of money for high quality cosmetics.  You can find an abundance of impressive products, at affordable prices, in your local pharmacy.

I review many products from high-end or luxury brands.  I also realize not everyone chooses to spend their money on prestigious brands, for whatever reason.  It is important for me to provide you with enough information so you can choose the best products for you, no matter what your beauty budget is.

EVERY WEEK stores such as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, etc. offer discounted prices and rewards for beauty products.  With a few exceptions, you should never have to pay the manufacturer suggested retail price for drugstore cosmetics.  With a little bit of research, patience, and some delayed gratification, you will be surprised at how much money you can pocket.

The consumer advocate within me is itching to come out!  By reviewing products found at your local drugstore, and providing information on store sales and coupons found in your local newspaper, I am going to help you save money so you can use it towards other parts of your life  you deem necessary (maybe even use your savings towards that luxury product you’ve been lusting after!).


Disclaimer: TheLABofLuxury cannot guarantee the information provided in this post is accurate.  Sales, prices, and coupons may vary in certain areas.  I will update information as it becomes available.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Disclosure: TheLABofLuxury is not affiliated with the retailers mentioned in this post.



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