DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive Review, Photos


DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive

Stuck on You!

I am often asked, “What is the best glue to use to apply false lashes?”  My first recommendation is always DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive (≈ $8.00 for 0.5 oz./14 g.), which is described as “the world’s best selling lash adhesive and has been a favorite of professional makeup artists for decades. This latex-based formula was created for all-day wear with strip lashes and can also be used to apply individual lashes, lasting several hours.”  The one I have dispenses a thick, white, waterproof cream that turns clear when it is dried.  The brand also sells a latex-based dark adhesive that dries black, a latex-free individual lash adhesive, as well as a latex-free brush on adhesive (comes in a tube with a brush applicator).  This lash adhesive can also be used on other parts of the body to apply prosthetics or temporary body art.

There are several ways to apply this lash glue without creating a mess.  First, you can dab some onto a toothpick and swipe it across the lash band, or you can apply some to the end of the handle of a small makeup brush (eyeliner brush works best) and then smooth is on the band.  You can also use a disposable brush.  Lastly, you can hold the tube upright so the nozzle is facing up, gently squeeze a tiny amount of the product out, and gently run the band of your false lashes over the nozzle.  DO NOT attempt to apply this directly to you eyelids.  Also, make sure to wait until the glue becomes tacky (about 20-30 seconds) before placing lashes on your lid.

Not only is DUO easy to apply, it is also effortless to remove.  You can use an eye makeup remover (one that removes waterproof products) to loosen the glue, or place a very warm wash cloth over your closed eye, hold it for about 15 seconds, and then gently remove faux lashes.  You can then immediately remove any glue remaining on the lash band to prepare them for future use.

What I DO NOT recommend, but have seen many women do, is to just pull the lashes off the lids.  This causes too much pulling on the delicate eyelid, runs the risk of pulling out  natural lashes, and can ruin the false lashes.  Only use the “pull off” method if you have made a placement error during application.

As stated above, this product does contain latex!  So, if you have an allergy to latex, you should opt for one of the latex-free formulas.

I purchased mine at MAC, but you can find it at Sephora, drugstores, beauty supply stores; really, anywhere you can purchase false lashes.



The Final LAB Report for DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive


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DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive


DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive


DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive Ingredients List


Disclosure: The product(s) featured in this post was(were) purchased by TheLABofLuxury for review.



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